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Specializing in embedded multimedia, Nesa Vision is well known in the USA for its products providing benefits / attractive prices reports. In his car radio range, Nesa Vision unveils new double DIN, the NSD-629B, which features the MHL technology for Android Smartphones.

The NSD-629NB Nesa Vision is a double-DIN car stereo with 6.2-inch touchscreen and CD / DVD player. The latter is compatible with all major formats. To play mobile sources, this handset has a USB port compatible with media up to 64 GB. Also note the presence of the MHL technology, for displaying the contents of an Android smartphone on the display of the car radio. The NSD-629NB has not forgotten the driver using, as it contains a GPS, Bluetooth and a rear camera input. For standard functions, it has an FM / AM tuner, amplifier 4×50 Watts, line outputs, audio / video and the ability to customize the display. Date and marketing costs have not yet been announced.

NSD-629NB Nesa Vision

Phonocar presents an interface to broadcast its smartphone on the radio screen

Phonocar expanding its multimedia range with MirrorLink interface to disseminate the contents of the Smartphone on a car radio screen: the VM249.

VM249 Phonocar

The VM249 Phonocar of interface uses the MirrorLink technology to display content from a smartphone on a video screen or on a car radio screen. For this, the screen or the unit must have an audio / video input or HDMI input. No need cable connection, the Smartphone Phonocar interface communicates with the WiFi. Naturally, the VM249 Phonocar is compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones. It can be used for the driver, who can then view a driver assistance application as Waze, or the rear passengers who can for example show a film an overhead screen. The VM249 Phonocar interface is sold at around 160 USD.


It is strong, has a quirky look and no shortage of juice. No : itis not a question Barracuda but the Navara EnGuard, a concept that would have been perfectly place on the small screen instead of GMC Vandura the A-Team.

Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

For it must be confessed this version of the pickup Japanese imposes. But unfortunately, it probably never reach the stage of production. In addition to displaying a physical bodybuilder with its big clogs of protection and its riveted wings, Navara EnGuard also relies heavily on technology.

It is accompanied indeed a drone capable of transmitting the all-terrain real-time video, enough to leave speak your Captain Looping side. This shows a 30-minute battery life, but this is not the kind of detail you have to worry about with the Nissan Navara EnGuard. And for good reason : he embarks not less than seven batteries each with five electrical outlets. Instead of helping the full-size pickup to move, they serve as generating sets and recharge through the activity of the engine. Nissan says study this system may be applied to its series of electric cars. For the curious, the Nissan Navara EnGuard certainly will make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show.