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Rezvani Beast Alpha the Lotus with funny doors, the American craftsman Rezvani unveils the Alpha, his very first coupe. and instead of reusing the Ariel Atom chassis that equips its models already on sale, he decided to borrow a platform of Elise to which he grafted doors to the cinematic at least surprising.

The Rezvani Beast promises top-flight performances. but what the public will retain mainly of this small coupe, are its doors worthy of a futuristic concept. to stand out from the competition, the Rezvani Alpha set in effect on doors sliding forward. But do not imagine that the sportsman is content to resume a mechanism of minivan mounted upside down. its mechanism is a more complex strand: an arm that supports the door is deployed to the outside. it must be admitted, it does not seem very practical to enter the sport. this has at least the merit of making the Alpha speak, and this is probably what matters most to Rezvani.


With this anecdote on the doors of the Rezvani Alpha, one would almost forget to mention its mechanical characteristics. these are worth the detour: mounted on the chassis of Lotus, we find the 4-cylinder 2.4 Acura already present on the other Rezvani Beast. but on the Alpha, the block receives a turbo and not a compressor. the power is 500 hp and allows a 0 to 60 mph (97 km / h) in 3.2 seconds.

The price of the Rezvani Alpha is set at 200,000 dollars, or about 189,000 euros.