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As the summer break approaches, the Nissan Ludospace offers a special Family Edition series designed for long trips.

The NV200 Evalia is none other than the civilian version of the NV200 utility. but for those who need a vehicle more suited to the road vacation, nissan now offers the Family Edition, a model to staffing Enriched series.


Based on the core N-Connecta range, the Nissan NV200 Evalia Family Edition includes the NissanConnect navigation system, the rear view camera and the Nissan Intelligent Key. in addition, automatic climate control, fog lamps, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers with automatic release.

The Nissan NV200 Evalia Family Edition will only be available with the dCi 110 engine. customers will have the choice of exterior color: gray Lunar or Gray Glacier. Its price starts at 20000 USD, a customer benefit of more than 6000 USD according to Nissan.


Nissan car manufacturer by passion, Nissan never does things in half since the manufacturer has invited us nothing less than in Brazil, theater of the Olympic Games this year with which the manufacturer is an official partner, to try two models that everything contrasts: The Nissan Kicks and the Blade Glider. two models that better understand why Nissan is one of those manufacturers who help maintain our passion for the automobile.


This is not so complicated in fact, with a net profit of 1.1 billion euros, Nissan can afford a lot of follies. The Japanese manufacturer, associated with Renault, deploys mass-produced vehicles and generates significant volumes of sales thanks to safe stocks such as Xtrail, Juke, The Qashqai especially or the Kicks launched in Brazil to attract new markets towards the joys of the small overcrowded crossovers. It is not yet planned in our territory, already well served in the matter, on the other hand the South Americans will greatly appreciate his 360 ° vision for maneuvers, its well thought-out habitability and its very exotic bitons look.

maybe they will not be transcended by the automatic transmission a little pushing or plastics sometimes unflattering but it seems that in the country of « cariocas » we do not care a little … thanks to this kind of models, Nissan flows, excluding alliance, no fewer than 5.4 million vehicles each year around the world.

Scores that allow him to venture into the unknown, sometimes by strokes of madness like the Caterpillar Rogue Warrior, the Juke R, the IDx concepts to the neo retro style (which are two fingers to be produced) or the bobsleigh to the Xtrail grille! sometimes, Nissan launches a real gamble on the future, it is especially its biggest challenge today to convince us on the all electric with models like the Leaf or the NV200. and then sometimes the manufacturer launches into both a mad project AND innovative technology. Gareth Dunsmore, Head of Electric Vehicle Department for Nissan Europe explains the approach: « We love doing things because we can afford it. we have experience with electric vehicles, in mechanical sport also with our endurance course and with the GT Academy. i also think of the Juke R which combines the Juke with the GTR to show the crossover under its best temperament. here we launch the Blade Glider to show that an electric vehicle can be fun and exciting to drive ».


Remember, a first concept already stood on the Nissan booth at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. this time, this kind of delta wing with 4 wheels is completed to the point of rolling, realization of a project whose genesis began in 2011: « The Deltawing is the original inspiration from a design point of view » Gareth says « knowing that it was already powered by a very efficient engine with the 1.6 Dig-T. Then we developed the Zeod RC, a hybrid combination whose electric motors allowed to travel an entire tour of Le Mans without emission. and then we present this ultimate 100% electric project with the Blade Glider. There really is a logic of progression to obtain a prototype reliability and fully exploitable ».
A specimen that seems to have come from nothing else than through its lines. « First of all it is a unique design that shows that a 100% electric motor offers a lot of freedom in terms of lines and we will see, for sure in the future, even more innovative designs. there is then performance with an immediate couple, a very linear acceleration that brings a new driving experience. and in the end all this happens in an almost absolute silence! you hear new sounds like the sound of tires, the sound of wind in your hair, much more than when there is a heat engine on board. to me, all this is beneficial for a driving experience that gives a smile. »


He is right Gareth, at the moment it makes instantly smile! where engine noise is expected to start at any time, the Blade Glider has already been launched for a long time in a slight whistle and is approaching the first corner in no time. 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds, this is a real advantage of the electric sportiness made possible by the asynchronous motors housed in each rear wheel providing a total of 268 hp and especially 700 Nm of wattted torque (60 Nm better than the latest generation of GT-R!). its proportions are also confusing with a rear axle much wider than the front. so do not aim the points of strings too early under penalty of bite the edges to the reacceleration. a bit bizarre to exploit but no less endearing, that’s the Blade Glider. after 4 laps, it’s time to get out. because its mass remains high, because its top speed and its curved grip are also limited, the machine is not yet ready to replace a GT worthy of the name but it would find its place in the garage, if only for the singularity of the beast. Too bad, the Blade Glider is not yet officially planned for production, at least not right away, Nissan tackling at first to popularize the electric as confirmed by Gareth: “We are focused for now on the Leaf and the NV200. We have also launched a large testing tour across Europe to show them to the public. We want to put them behind the wheel so that he realizes for themselves that these vehicles are really nice to drive, An argument that we did not advance so far. We still have to work on the batteries, Increase autonomy, reduce costs. “

Morality, if you like the Blade Glider, buy a Leaf or an NV200! This is the current message for now, as it will take a bit of patience before seeing a true electric sports model in the Nissan range. However, it is said that a potential hybridization is already mentioned for the specifications of the next generation of GT-R!

Meanwhile, Nissan has just launched a new mass model, the Micra, which again takes a gamble here that not necessarily aim at the same target as before with its new lines more sporting. after all this rational project, we already have a desire to know what will be the next challenge a little crazy manufacturer, dictated by a passion without limits.


It is strong, has a quirky look and no shortage of juice. No : itis not a question Barracuda but the Navara EnGuard, a concept that would have been perfectly place on the small screen instead of GMC Vandura the A-Team.

Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

For it must be confessed this version of the pickup Japanese imposes. But unfortunately, it probably never reach the stage of production. In addition to displaying a physical bodybuilder with its big clogs of protection and its riveted wings, Navara EnGuard also relies heavily on technology.

It is accompanied indeed a drone capable of transmitting the all-terrain real-time video, enough to leave speak your Captain Looping side. This shows a 30-minute battery life, but this is not the kind of detail you have to worry about with the Nissan Navara EnGuard. And for good reason : he embarks not less than seven batteries each with five electrical outlets. Instead of helping the full-size pickup to move, they serve as generating sets and recharge through the activity of the engine. Nissan says study this system may be applied to its series of electric cars. For the curious, the Nissan Navara EnGuard certainly will make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show.