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Jehnert unveils two stereo packs to easily equip the VW T6, Jehnert is a German brand famous for its manufacture of door panels, to incorporate stereo systems in some cars. In recent years, Jehnert also offers stereo packs to equip campers and converted vans. For the VW T6 Jehnert offers two packages.


The Soundpackage Driver’s Cabin is designed to replace the HP system behind the driver’s cab, The Jehnert pack includes all necessary accessories to its seamless integration into the vehicle. This is a system with 3-way kit, amplifier and subwoofer. The 3-way kit uses 16.5 cm woofers, midrange 7 cm and 26 mm tweeters. The woofers put themselves door, while the mids are housed in the dashboard. To mount the tweeters, Jehnert book accessories for installation in the upright windshield. The active subwoofer connects to car stereo « plug and play ». The kit before takes 50 Watts RMS, and offers a response from 58 to 22000 Hz. This pack is sold in Germany 1319 USD. Jehnert also developed a pack for the rear seats of the vehicle.




The Soundpackage Rear System is designed to equip the rear slots T6. It is not compatible with vehicles modified by the manufacturers of camping cars. To the rear channels of camping cars, Jehnert offers other solutions. This kit is suitable for vans with rear seat, VW purchased concessions. It is also a 3-way system with woofers 16.5 cm, mediums of 55 mm and 26 mm tweeters. The woofer is housed in the original location. For better sound dispersion, Jehnert offers a small optional speaker, to incorporate the midrange and tweeter, efficient and aesthetically. The frequency response is similar to before kit. The back pack is sold in Germany 398 USD.