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The jeep grand cherokee srt is racing against an aerobatic plane

With its 2.5 tonnes on the scales, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT seems not really built for speed, and even less if it is to face a plane. But the SUV V8 today proves the opposite by picking little victory against an aerobatic aircraft.

2.2 tonnes: this is not a dry weight of cherokee jeep SRT but the mass gap between it and the twister silence that serves him here competitor. well obviously, this huge difference is the advantage of the aircraft. but when it comes to power, strength of the relationship is reversed: if the sports SUV boasts a whopping 468 hp thanks to its V8 Hemi 6.4 the twister silence must for its part be content with 110 hp.

nevertheless, comparison of weight / power theoretically gives the victory aerobatic aircraft with 1.72 against 5.34 it for the Grand Cherokee SRT. but it was not counting the very short circuit and the working speed up the plane because ultimately it is the land vehicle (and Offroading) which imposes very little of it is true .

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT