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For fleet managers, geolocation became inescapable. Increasing the efficiency of touring, optimize the management of vehicles, fight against their abnormal use, all these are possible sources of economy delivered by this new technology.

GEOLOCATION   PERFORMANCE TOOL   FLEETSA long time utopian, real-time monitoring of vehicle fleet is now a reality for companies that have chosen to geolocation. Thanks to the Fleet performance tools, it optimizes all aspects of vehicle operation. Through a GPS / GPRS box, fleet managers can know the details of the trips but also distance traveled, fuel consumption or the driving style adopted by the company’s employees.

The analysis of data collected in the Fleet Performance Framework optimizes the route, to deter inappropriate uses of vehicles, but also encourage employees to more responsible driving. It also makes possible an optimization of driving laws and a scrupulous respect of the maintenance schedule of the vehicles.

This is when a true circle righteous who commits: the risk of accidents is reduced, the operating costs down and productivity of vehicles and employees increases. This means that the geolocation has become a key component of the performance of fleets. The growth of specialized companies testifies to its success. So the performance of Ocean Fleet solutions already equip 100,000 vehicles. Geotagging has not finished talking to her!