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Transformers true. The Turkish published online an amazing video of a BMW 3 Series Coupé older generation stand up to take the form of a robot worthy of successful blockbusters. The car then resumed its conventional form.

Edit a coupe BMW 3 Series E92 into a car that can transform into robot is a crazy bet that passionate from Turkey raised brilliantly. The sequences of the vehicle in action were published on Youtube Letrovision chain.

The prowess has of course need heavy car modifications. A freeze frame helps to understand how the car can become a giant metal in seconds. Its thermal mechanical part is to scrap to make way for articulated arms and an electric motor. This allows the vehicle to move slowly for a few meters.

This robot is built on a BMW 3 Series Coupe red and thirty seconds, as a top down convertible sports changes from friendly sports car status to that of robot surrounded smoke …

Too good to be true?

The demonstration is very attractive, but several questions arise. Letvision appears first as a high-tech enterprise, rewarded by the Turkish Ministry of Industry, and specializes in data management and partner of INTEL. The car-robot Letron will pilot remotely Thanks to a remote connected wi-fi to the car-robot. Cameras should enable him to move his arms, Letvision even plans to talk Letron. However, everything seems a little too good and complex to operate smoothly.

Then, more prosaically, do not expect to jump behind the wheel of Letron as Sam Witwicky in control of Bumblebee in Transformers. If in one of the videos, the BMW rolls, it seems impossible to settle in the cabin occupied by large cylinders to turn the car into a robot. Finally, there is the question of price. We tried to contact Letvision without success.

So hoax or no hoax? Different US sites questioned. The high-tech and automotive specialist Gizmodo notes, however, that the slow pace of transformation robot car leaves a little hope to one day buy a real Transformers. Four other characters (including bizmut in photo below) are in the catalog. It’s almost Christmas…