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Subaru XV test, unknown

When you think of the bustling SUV market, Subaru is one of the brands that are revealed immediately. However, the Japanese brand was one of the first to participate in the creation of this category. Today, alongside the Forester and Outback, Subaru presents a XV that is renewed and claims the characteristics of the brand.

Subaru XV

Despite a drawing close to the first generation, this Subaru XV second generation is completely new except for two buttons shared with its predecessor. Like the recent Impreza, it is based on Subaru’s 2016 Global Platform, which benefits both safety and agility. Taking the appearance of a more adventurous Impreza, the Subaru XV offers the usual arsenal with widened wings in black plastics, side reinforcements or roof bars. Inside, it offers a modern dashboard with a large 8-inch central screen with improved ergonomics to which smartphones can connect. With its exposed seams, the presentation can even be opulent depending on the finish. Extending over 4.46 meters, the XV offers a good habitability but fishing with a trunk volume limited to 385 liters.

It does not just have the style of an SUV

Despite these developments, it retains the specificities of the brand. So, while many SUVs on the market are offered only in two-wheel drive series, the Subaru XV is available with a permanent all-wheel drive. Like all Subaru, with the exception of the BRZ only available in propulsion. Combined with a comfortable ground clearance of 22 cm, this four-wheel drive allows the Subaru XV to venture far off the beaten path as we have experienced on a suitable terrain.

On demand, the standard X-Mode can take control of the engine, the gearbox, the AWD transmission or the brakes to offer some off-road helpers such as the assistant on the descent in steep slopes. Once the car is placed in the maximum angle of the slope, it is enough to release the brake to let the Subaru XV regulate the speed automatically. Add that off-road, the Subaru XV was particularly comfortable during our test.

Obviously, most SUVs sold in France will taste more bitumen than land and so we had the opportunity to try the second generation of XV on roads. Good news: the off-road capabilities of the Subaru XV does not prevent it from behaving well on the bitumen so far. Subaru has so much confidence in its SUV that we have been invited to test it on the track. If it is not a sport, the Subaru XV nevertheless showed a very correct behavior thanks to a rigidified chassis. Compared to the first generation, the new Subaru XV has a better controlled roll and a much more precise and fast steering. Despite its qualities off-road, this second generation is far from being ridiculous on the road and can face the competition serenely.

But not everything is perfect. We wrote in the preamble: Subaru remains true to its characteristics. If the architecture of boxer engine shared with Porsche is part of it, the agreement between the new four-cylinder flat and the continuously variable box is not really pleasant. This box is the only choice in terms of transmission has the disadvantage of giving the impression of milling. The engine is quickly heard during acceleration, like Toyota hybrids. For example, getting into a fast lane will be done under an unnecessarily high volume. In the case of block 1.6 of 114 hp and 150 Nm which is the entry level, we also regret a lack of torque that will be felt especially outside the city where the Subaru XV is not really alive. Nearly 14 seconds are needed to go from 0 to 100 km / h. The boxer 2.0 of 156 hp and 196 Nm is logically better (10.4 seconds for the same exercise) even if it does not represent the panacea for as much. Cast driving will therefore be more suitable for the Subaru XV and we will appreciate not having to handle a gear lever.

More recently, Subaru wanted to add a safe rope to its bow by offering the EyeSight driving aid arsenal on its various models. The second-generation Subaru XV has several sensors including a stereo camera in the front. The SUV therefore benefits from adaptive cruise control, emergency braking assistance, dead-angle detector or assistance in maintaining the traffic lane (deactivated). Combined with a new, reinforced architecture, this equipment has allowed the Subaru XV to reap five stars in EuroNCAP crash tests.


Displayed from 30.000 $, the Subaru XV offers a nice standard equipment including EyeSight, X-Mode, all-wheel drive and CVT. At the end of this test, we can only welcome Subaru’s efforts to improve the XV. It is regrettable, however, that this model is proposed only with the boxer engine associated with the CVT box.


The startup, ParkingMap, allows you to find a free parking space in real time thanks to a camera device with intelligent analysis.

Autonomous cars will use cameras capable of distinguishing many obstacles at 360 °. Similar technology is already being used by ParkingMap, which has developed a camera system that can detect free public spaces in our streets and also measure their size to ensure they are usable. Via the ParkingMap application, you will be able to find the nearest place via an interactive map, hoping that another user will not sting you in the meantime! There is more to test yourself, the application is free.




The success of such a service depends as one suspects the quantity of cameras deployed. ParkingMap strives to convince the town halls by highlighting a battery of software, able in particular to calculate the parking time of a vehicle, which would automate the controls, a task entrusted so far to the agents of surveillance of the public highway, which can not be everywhere.

The CES, witness of the maturity of the concepts

The CES 2018

Coming out of the Las Vegas show, time is up for analysis. At Deloitte, Guillaume Crunelle believes that this 2018 edition marked a stage in the maturation of projects.

The CES 2018 closes its doors and the time is in the balance sheet. Behind the many announcements that animated the stands of the automotive industry, some see a gain in maturity of the actors. Guillaume Crunelle, industry expert at Deloitte, is one of them. (At CES, we saw a real desire to move closer to the stage of industrial integration of ideas), he notes for the 4doro.

During the week of the event, there was a phenomenon of “partnerships between companies of intermediate sizes”, notes Guillaume Crunelle, who interprets it as an impulse (uninhibited vis-à-vis associations). The news of the CES 2018 no longer belongs only to the giants, but shares with ambitious boxes, long remained in the shadows and today indispensable to business or technical schemes.

The Ventures, these answers to the problems

In addition to automating driving, artificial intelligence has been featured in all conversations during this CES edition. (Artificial intelligence for cockpits is one of the major challenges of the coming years,) says Crunelle. And the analyst to temper: (You still have to gain intelligence to be more natural.) It is true that conversing with your vehicle still requires knowledge of the formulations, and it is up to the developers to reverse the report, so that the computer interprets the needs of the user.

The CES 2018 will have counted 170,000 visitors, a figure in the standards of the show. One of the key media releases will be the announcement of Carlos Ghosn, President of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, which formalized the creation of Alliance Ventures, a $ 1 billion venture capital fund. (The ventures respond to an industrial and cultural problem,) believes Judge Crunelle, referring to this path already taken by other manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. (It requires agile tools with shorter decision chains that do not lead to a smothering of start-ups, ) he defends the project.

For the record, the Franco-Japanese group intends to invest the equivalent of 200 million dollars a year until 2022. (A considerable amount that involves a lot of work of SEO and analysis,) the expert sees. In his opinion, the builder’s investment funds, which offer the freedom to try and fail as much as to succeed, will (accelerate the transformation of the landscape of the automotive industry). A new era is opening up and the mission sheets of each of them give a clue to what is taking shape.

Ford unblocks $ 11 billion for its electric range

On the sidelines of the current Detroit Auto Show, Bill Ford,   the president of the group of the same name, revealed that an envelope of 11 billion dollars will be attributed to the development of the VE.

Ford will substantially increase its investment in electric vehicles to $ 11 billion (about 9 billion euros) by 2022, and thus have a range of 40 electrified vehicles, 24 hybrids and 16 fully electric, Sunday announced its president Bill Ford.

The American manufacturer previously thought to invest 4.5 billion dollars by 2020, pointed out officials of the automaker. In 2016, latest annual figures known, the research and development branch of Ford spent $ 7.3 billion, against 6.7 billion in 2015.

(We are totally invested in this. We take our traditional vehicles, our most iconic vehicles and we make them electric, Bill Ford told the press at the Detroit Auto Show. If we want to succeed in the electric, we have to do it with vehicles that are already well known. )

Detroit Auto Show, Bill Ford

Detroit Auto Show, Bill Ford



As the summer break approaches, the Nissan Ludospace offers a special Family Edition series designed for long trips.

The NV200 Evalia is none other than the civilian version of the NV200 utility. but for those who need a vehicle more suited to the road vacation, nissan now offers the Family Edition, a model to staffing Enriched series.


Based on the core N-Connecta range, the Nissan NV200 Evalia Family Edition includes the NissanConnect navigation system, the rear view camera and the Nissan Intelligent Key. in addition, automatic climate control, fog lamps, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers with automatic release.

The Nissan NV200 Evalia Family Edition will only be available with the dCi 110 engine. customers will have the choice of exterior color: gray Lunar or Gray Glacier. Its price starts at 20000 USD, a customer benefit of more than 6000 USD according to Nissan.