Hyundai would be preparing a hybrid two-seater sports car RN30

In the alleyways of CES 2018 which has just opened, two Hyundai officials have reported to a handful of Australian journalists that a pure sportsman is in preparation. It would be a two-seat model with motorization combining thermal and electric. (I can not tell you more about it but it is clear that we are doing it. I just have to evaluate a project after next week, after CES ), said design chief Luc Donckerwolke from Lamborghini.

Woong-Chul Yang, head of research and development at Hyundai, reportedly added, (Our brand needs this type of car. People working on (the sports department) N are going to work on it, but how do we integrate it in the N range, or above N? It’s a rather high performance car, it’s a real sports car. )

RN30 approaching?

Despite the electrification, Yang would refuse to talk about hybrid. (It is certain that we will put an electric propulsion system there. We can not just say it’s hybrid but we will use electric motors and batteries to improve performance. There are some things that we can not achieve by putting big heat engines (…) But we use the best application for electric motors, in many ways not only for efficiency but also performance. This can be very well optimized using both powertrains, ) he said.

The architecture of the car remains to be known. In October 2016, a prototype of a Hyundai mid-engined compact had been photographed at the Nürburgring test. It is therefore possible that the Seoul firm is developing a standard version of the RN30 concept car (photo), which combined a 380h 2-cylinder turbo four-cylinder engine with an all-wheel drive, which rumors already announced there are more than a year. To be continued.

Hyundai would be preparing a hybrid two-seater sports car RN30

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