Well known for its excellent value for money, the danger zone alarm Coyote S now benefits from a new graphical interface. This update also comes with a new feature: Receiving a phone call in Bluetooth.

The Coyote S has all the usual functions of hazard zone warning devices: Alerts, indication of plugs, Indication of risk of somnolence after a certain driving time, Real-time alerts of road hazards and disruptions, Number of scouts in front of you, possibility of signaling a danger to the community … With its built-in Dash Cam, The Coyote S allows alerts in augmented reality, That is to say on the actual view of the road. Note that the camera records the driving and automatically saves the last 5 minutes of travel in the event of an impact.


The Coyote S can be used as a hands-free kit to receive a secure call

Coyote S Credit Photo – Coyote It is also possible to take pictures. Thanks to speech recognition, events can be declared or confirmed. Combining, keys, intuitive graphical interface and voice recognition, The Coyote S offers its services with a very good comfort of use. The new interface now allows you to take hands-free calls, When the Coyote S is connected in Bluetooth to the mobile phone. Thus, the Coyote S offers three main functions: hands-free kit, Dash Cam, hazard zone warning devices; Which makes it a very good value for money at 199 Euros. Subscription to real-time services costs 12 Euros per month in monthly installments, And a pre-paid subscription of 144 Euros for 12 months or 240 Euros for 24 months.

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