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In a great impulse of patriotism, Bentley has concocted a new special edition of its Flying Spur to pay tribute to the UK. On the program: Union Jack stitching and British elm essence.

Bentley Flying Spur

From the outside, this Bentley Flying Spur does not really stand out from a « standard » one. She is satisfied with a « Peacock Blue » livery underlined by imposing two-tone wheels. But in its interior, on the other hand, it reveals an exclusive saddlery in blue / cream leather that receives topstitching supposed to recall the motif of the Union Jack. The flag of the United Kingdom is also sewn into the cushions made available to the rear passengers.

Wood to save the trees!

To top it all, this Bentley Flying Spur «so British» receives a woodwork of elm wood. True, it is a very rare wood but Bentley specifies to have used the essence of a tree already fallen. In addition, a portion of the profits generated by the sale of this limited series will be used to reintroduce the species into the wild. Finally, as on the other Bentley Flying Spur, we find the W12 6.0 biturbo of 625 hp and 800 Nm.

Wood to save the trees


Well known for its excellent value for money, the danger zone alarm Coyote S now benefits from a new graphical interface. This update also comes with a new feature: Receiving a phone call in Bluetooth.

The Coyote S has all the usual functions of hazard zone warning devices: Alerts, indication of plugs, Indication of risk of somnolence after a certain driving time, Real-time alerts of road hazards and disruptions, Number of scouts in front of you, possibility of signaling a danger to the community … With its built-in Dash Cam, The Coyote S allows alerts in augmented reality, That is to say on the actual view of the road. Note that the camera records the driving and automatically saves the last 5 minutes of travel in the event of an impact.


The Coyote S can be used as a hands-free kit to receive a secure call

Coyote S Credit Photo – Coyote It is also possible to take pictures. Thanks to speech recognition, events can be declared or confirmed. Combining, keys, intuitive graphical interface and voice recognition, The Coyote S offers its services with a very good comfort of use. The new interface now allows you to take hands-free calls, When the Coyote S is connected in Bluetooth to the mobile phone. Thus, the Coyote S offers three main functions: hands-free kit, Dash Cam, hazard zone warning devices; Which makes it a very good value for money at 199 Euros. Subscription to real-time services costs 12 Euros per month in monthly installments, And a pre-paid subscription of 144 Euros for 12 months or 240 Euros for 24 months.


Donkervoort d8 gto-rs: extreme, all simplement, The Dutch manufacturer is far from finished with his Donkervoort D8 GTO. The proof with this version RS that still manages to gain in efficiency.

“When there’s more, y’en again”: it’s a pretty crude way to describe the Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS. Because under his apple green paint can not be more discreet, This ultimate version of the rolling cigar represents a considerable leap forward compared to the standard D8 GTO. Not in terms of power, since the RS retains the Audi 5-cylinder turbo driven to 380 hp, But in all other areas. On the balance, there is thus a drastic reduction in weight with 715 kg empty, or 73 kg of lost.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS

65 copies in total

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS evolves mainly on the chassis. The suspension and the anti-roll bar offer more possibilities for adjustments while the front tracks widen to improve stability. The aerodynamic support is also increased thanks to a specific fairing. With regard to pilotage aids, We note the arrival of an anti-skid and of a double disengagement / heel automatic point configurable.

The Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS will be limited to 65 units, 15 of which are fitted with an apparent carbon fiber body. In addition, 10 units will be available in a variant reserved for the runway.


A new vehicle ceiling light screen at voxx electronics, Why a video screen fixed to the car, at the time of touch tablets? Quite simply, because in the event of an accident, A tablet will escape from the hands and make a dangerous projectile into the passenger compartment. In addition, if the child forgets the tablet on the seat during parking, The burglary of the vehicle is ensured. To distract the rear passengers safely, Voxx Electronics presents a new high-end ceiling screen: the Voxx Electronics ADVEXL12A.


The Voxx Electronics ADVEXL12A is a 12.1-inch high-definition ceiling screen. For the Voxx screen to harmonize with the passenger compartment, it comes with three interchangeable shells: gray, beige or black. The main source is a DVD player compatible with the main formats, But the Voxx Electronics ADVEXL12A from Voxx Electronics also gives pride of place to nomadic sources. It has a USB port, HDMI / MHL input, An audio / video input for connecting an external source such as a DVB-T tuner, And can receive many options. The HDMI / MHL function allows you to display the content of a Smartphone on the big screen. The HD12 option allows you to have a HDMI / MHL cord that is long enough not to move from its seat. Even better, the VM1 module makes it possible to transmit the content of the Smartphone on the screen in WiFi. Finally, the MVGP1 pack contains two 32-bit gamepads containing video games (54). of course, IR remote control and IR transmitter for wireless headsets are part of the services of this screen Voxx Electronics. In the US market, the Voxx Electronics ADVEXL12A is sold for $ 799.99.


No one had dared to muscle because four-wheel drive. But today, Dodge takes the plunge with the Challenger GT AWD!

« Muscle car » and «winter weather» are not the happiest of couples. Dodge is attempting to remedy this with the DODGE Challenger GT AWD, Acronym for «all-wheel drive». The latter becomes indeed the very first muscle because four-wheel drive of history. A sacrilege for some, especially as the DODGE Challenger GT AWD does not benefit from a large V8 with strong American accent but just the V6 Pentastar 3.6 of “only” 309 hp, Which is automatically coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Dodge has not announced the performance of the DODGE Challenger GT AWD but it is expected that they will be close to those of the Charger SXT AWD, Driven by the same engine, which boasts a 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h.

It should be noted that the all-wheel drive system should be extended to the Challenger range. Rumors are advancing its arrival on the extreme variant Hellcat in order to exploit the best 717 hp V8 6.2 HEMI compressor.

DODGE Challenger GT AWD