Diamond Audio presented a new 3-way kit at the Sema Show in Las Vegas, at the largest automotive customization show, the American brand Diamond Audio presented a new high-end 3-way kit. baptized Diamante Italia Edition, the HXPRO653DI was handmade in Italy.

Diamond Audio HXPRO653DI

This 3-way exploded kit uses a 16.5 cm woofer, a 8 cm midrange, a 25 mm silk dome tweeter. high quality material, very neat finish, passive filter with audiophile components, the HXPRO653DI has been designed by several sound engineers, to provide audiophile listening. this Diamond Audio kit casts 180 Watts RMS and offers a performance of 89 dB. its frequency response ranges from 40 to 20000 Hz. in the US market, the Diamante Italia Edition of Diamond Audio is announced at $ 2,599.99.

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