The sporty Renault Concept for Paris Motor Show now has a name: TreZor. And style promises to be very surprising.

With Renault TreZor super sports prototype that opens like a jewelry box, the manufacturer wants to show he is ready for all daring to stand out from its rivals.

Two syllables, a « z » in the middle, yes, the TreZor has a nomenclature similar to that of DeZir. It must be said that this new concept will have the same objective as his counterpart unveiled in 2010, namely foreshadow the future of Renault style spectacularly. As the DeZir, the TreZor is thus be in the form of a 100% electric sports, the « z » referring to the acronym Z.E for « zero emissions ». It will for now be content with this teaser to get an idea of the concept, the proportions of which are described as «amazing» by Renault. The windshield, which presents a priori a scarlet hue seems very low indeed. Also note the vents highly stylized cover.


Six years after signing the Dezir prototype, which introduced the new design language of the brand, Laurens van den Acker, design director, continues its momentum by developing the concept car (so it is not intended to be marketed) TreZor. In office since 2009, the Dutch can consider that he has fulfilled his contract. For two years, the design is it not again become the criterion for purchase a number of the firm’s models?

Presented on the Renault stand the Paris Motor Show, this coupe seats two hypersportif electric propulsion, lacking doors and opens like a jewelry box, vehicle largely subliminal messages. It means first that Renault intends to go upmarket and reserve a more sophisticated treatment to some details. We can guess that the grille of future cars will thin and light signature that the C-shaped front will endure The cap furnished with gills and alternation between satin surfaces at the front and engineered rear with hexagonal facets suggests the will to hoist Renault out of the swamp undifferentiated generalist brands.



However, this prototype contains the principles that made the success of the revival style of the house: strict proportions (big wheels, reduced cantilever limited glazed area), simplicity of forms (curved wings, pronounced shoulders, front without too many frills) and fluidity of the silhouette. Inside, deliberately uncluttered, TreZor has an extensive display L-shaped and installs a steering wheel with geometrical lines. A command between the two occupants to switch to autonomous driving mode. The materials are noble (red wood for the dashboard) and some choices aimed a nod to the « French luxury » like trunks maintained with straps installed in front of the cockpit. Only element of continuity with the Renault design of the 2000s, the internal environment (for chairs and very enveloping) is inspired by the world of furniture. Both outgoing and mysterious, spontaneous and controlled, this concept car sets the bar very high. « Now it’s up to me,» smiles Laurens van den Acker. The new page outlined by this prototype will open with the next generation Clio in 2018.


All ears. On the hood were carved scales component a kind of the honeycomb. These « gills » are open to refresh the cabin and, above all, cool the batteries installed in the front.

Private driver. The logos installed on the sides of the car and back changing color when the car goes into autonomous driving mode. In this configuration, we should not be surprised to see the driver lose interest in the road.

Bodysculptée. The side rolls and the concave parts are designed to visually muscle car, as well as the wings and the curved cover. However, this apparent musculature prevents overcharging. The influence of German design.

Red stroke. As a prototype, TreZor takes liberties with the stresses of everyday life. It has no doors (the upper part of the body lifts) and adopts a stunning red glass. One way to lighten the silhouette and bring “heat” to the project.

laser treatment. Under the effect of laser technology, the headlights are refined. They integrate with a light signature C-shaped, inaugurated on the latest models of the brand.


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