The Audi A6 Allroad is preparing to welcome strong competition at the Paris Motor Show: while Mercedes will likely present the E-Class All Terrain, Volvo is that today draws its V90 Cross Country.

Take a break, add all the ingredients of a crossover and get a mover able to venture off the beaten track. This recipe, the Volvo V70 Cross Country was one of the first to apply, the pioneer in the field being actually the Subaru Outback, adventurous declination of the Legacy launched in the mid 90s. However, history has mainly attracted the Audi A6 Allroad, which is currently in its third incarnation. But Volvo is now back in force in this niche segment with the V90 Cross Country.


And that is most striking about this adventurer version of the V90 is its ground clearance: the Swedish manufacturer has not quantified but it appears to have won a handful of centimeters, at least more than you usually see Audi at first sight. Moreover, as the A6 Allroad, the V90 Cross Country will impose wheel drive. Swedish will be perfectly at ease in off-road use.

This Cross Country version should logically be available with all engine variants of the V90 can be associated with the full transmission. The diesel engine range should understand the D3 engine (150 hp), D4 (190 hp) and D5 (235 hp) shipping all three a 2.0 turbo. Gasoline side, it will take on the 2.0 turbo 320 hp T6 model. Volvo says that the commercialization of the V90 Cross Country will be launched by the end of the year while the first deliveries beginning in 2017 will be honored.